PRO TIP: What is bokeh?

Bokeh is a term you might hear a lot within the photography world. Correctly pronounced “boh-keh”. Though you may also hear it pronounced “boh-kay” or even”boo-key”. It comes from the Japanese word meaning blur or quality of blur. Some people … Read More

Phun Photo Phact: ISO – pronounced “EYE-so” or “eye-ess-oh”?

The Misconception: What does “ISO” mean? Ask anyone seemingly “in-the-know” and they’ll tell you “ISO” is an initialism for “International Standards Organization” and thus it is pronounced “eye-ess-oh.” Sounds pretty convincing, but this is false. Why This is Wrong: There is … Read More

PRO TIP: Adjusting your Diopter.

Is your camera telling your your images are in focus, but when you look through the viewfinder, the image looks out of focus? If you’re ever in a situation where your pictures are coming out sharp but when you’re looking through … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in BEL Portraits! Please feel free to contact us or call us at 207-223-4400 with any questions you may have that aren’t addressed here. Where is BEL Portraits located? Our studio is located at 4915 … Read More

Client Testimonials

"Thank you Bernie for helping make our day so special! You captured every moment perfectly. The day would not have been the same without you!"

Amanda Harvey Turcotte

"BEL Portraits is, in my opinion, the ONLY photography studio to choose when planning a wedding. I can't imagine using any other portrait artist."

Patricia W, Bangor Maine

"Bernie was amazing!!!!! He was one of the most incredible parts of our day!!! He was completely seamless and professional and has captured the most incredible memories through this lens, I could not be happier with the photographs and he is one of the main reasons I want to do it all again!!!!"

Jessica & Chris L. UK

"Bernie was the best. Our engagement and wedding portraits were great! He is very understanding and I felt I could go to him with anything I needed or wanted."

Ying-Tang C.

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