PRO TIP: What is bokeh?

Bokeh is a term you might hear a lot within the photography world.

Correctly pronounced “boh-keh”. Though you may also hear it pronounced “boh-kay” or even”boo-key”.

It comes from the Japanese word meaning blur or quality of blur.

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Some people think of bokeh¬†as just the blurred out background. But you’ll see it’s actually more than that.

It’s how that blurred out part of your image looks depending on your lens and aperture selected.

It can look round, or hexagonal, or with new filters on the market, you can achieve shapes like hearts!

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Bokeh can mostly be seen in specular highlights like blurred out light bulbs and the shape is created

by the aperture of your lens. The wider the aperture the rounder the shape. The narrower the aperture, the

more hexagonal the shape

When people say how do you get more bokeh?

What they’re probably asking is how do we get a blurrier background?

There are three ways to get a blurrier background. Using a wider aperture. Getting closer to your subject.

Or using a longer lens.

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